Mowi Salmon Wagon

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Launched to help raise money for charities and communities across Scotland, the Mowi Salmon Wagon serves up delicious Mowi salmon fillets in a crowd-pleasing burger bun or in a vibrant noodle salad, with 100% of proceeds from the sale of food benefitting local causes.

Charities across Scotland can apply to have the striking salmon wagon attend their event. If successful, the wagon will arrive fully stocked by Mowi and manned by our talented chefs, ready to raise valuable funds for your cause.

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Why not try our delicious Mowi Salmon Wagon recipes at home? Choose from a salmon fillet burger or noodle salad, both are packed with healthy omega 3 oils and important vitamins. Enjoy!

2020 Event Update

With many 2020 events already cancelled and the current COVID-19 Government restrictions still in place, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Mowi Salmon Wagon’s attendance at all events this year.

We had selected 14 fantastic events to support this year, so we’re extremely disappointed to have to make this decision, but the safety of the team and our communities are, as always, our primary focus.

The wagon was set up to raise money for charities across Scotland, so the team made contact with successful applicants to make a donation to their selected charities in lieu of attendance this season.

If the situation does change as 2020 progresses, we may reconsider attending events later in the year, so please sign up to be the first to hear Mowi Salmon Wagon news.

Follow the Mowi Salmon Wagon’s journey on social media and look out for it at an event near you!